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Sportswear Redux

It was unusually warm the day these photos were taken in Tongva Park. When I first met with Sarah at the park she asked me "why are you in your workout clothes?" . I told her that I wanted to do a 'stylish workout outfit post' . If she was amused she did not show it.  The truth was , I wanted … [Read More...]

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How to Wear Bold Patterns to the Office

Virgil once said:  “Fortune favors the bold” (and yes, that’s one of the only things I remember from my Roman lit class 15 years ago.  That and the fact that Helen of Troy turned togas into the LBD of Greece.) I’m going to go out on a limb and tweak the saying:  “Fortune 500 favors the bold.”  … [Read More...]


A Walk In The Park

One of the best things I like about about cold weather ( actually, the only thing I like about it really)  is that it enables me to wear more sumptuous materials such as wool, thick-ply cashmere , leather and fur . And a question that I always get from women who wants to wear a leather piece to … [Read More...]


Top 10 Ways Women Undermine Their Authority

Some of my favorite people are women.  I’m a woman.  Honestly, sometimes I can’t believe women don’t rule the world.  We are incredible multi-taskers, want everyone to be happy, and don’t like fighting (known exceptions include Lindsay Lohan and the majority of the Real Housewives.)  So why is it … [Read More...]


What The Winter Olympics Teach Us About Real-Life Success

As I sit on the couch next to my boyfriend thinking up various ways to get him to let me watch the ice-skaters instead of watching the other events (that he’s interested in) I do wonder about makes me about the difficulties of climbing the corporate ladder in heels.  (But can we talk about … [Read More...]


5 Rules On How To Look Stylish While Working Out

When life gives you lemon-bars, wear Lululemon. If you’re like me, one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose the pounds packed on over the holidays.  I've cut out cupcakes(well, I’m down to one a month – life has to be worth living), but I've reached an age where the only way I can guarantee … [Read More...]

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6 Makeup & Style Tips For Fashion Week

Going to one of the biggest events fashion enthusiasts look forward to during fashion week can be … [Read More...]

8-20-13 Robertson Blvd-24

Street Style @ Robertson Boulevard

It's a cliche but sometimes distance does make the heart grows fonder.  I've been away from LA for … [Read More...]

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Staying True ( to your weight) This Holiday Season

I love the holidays but I also dread them.  Maybe if I lived in a cold area I could embrace the … [Read More...]