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5 Things You Must Do To Succeed

I've heard and read plenty about this concept of a key to success.  And yet I dare say, a lot of people haven't even located the lock to begin with. To me, the following five concepts are the doors that you need to locate before you can unlock success. I use this anagram to remind myself of these … [Read More...]

A Twist on the Work-Shift

The shift dress term comes from the idea that it’s easy to “shift” in a shift-dress. It’s about ease of movement. I also suspect it’s derived from the idea that women need a comfortable dress they can move around in, in case they survive a full "shift" at work. Which is why I believe it's … [Read More...]

How to Network When You Feel Awkward

This article is Part of Business 101: The Career Crucials series. If there are people out there who say they love to walk into a room filled with strangers who they need to meet and impress in minutes, I don't believe them. However, I agree that for some, it can be uber-daunting. If you feel … [Read More...]

Stay Cool and Look Good at Work

It might be tempting to reach for your go-to black-wool suit every morning, but trust me - show up dressed like that during the summer months and even if your office AC is pumped up to arctic temperatures, you'll look as though you haven't checked a calendar in eons. Check out how cool (both … [Read More...]

Jump(suit) on the Graphic Trend – Even at Work

Ever since Beyonce showed up at the 55th Grammy awards last year in a graphic jumpsuit, instead of the usual gown, I’ve been obsessed. Leave it to the Queen Bey to show us how to make a statement that imbues power in a feminine, yet professional manner. Think of the jumpsuit as the pants version … [Read More...]

The Tile App: No More FuTile Struggles to Find Things

The last time I got this excited about a new, small, square invention was when Post-its came out.  And all they do is find my place in a magazine.  Imagine my glee to discover the Tile - a new, tiny square gadget that you can adhere to any item and then locate that item later on using your iPhone, … [Read More...]

The Pencil Skirt

  You know that the tide has shifted when Kim K has started wearing the pencil skirt - which by the way,  was originally brought to the fashion forefront by Dior to counteract the full-skirted ‘New Look . And now any woman can add this to her closet. As with many fashion rules (as well as … [Read More...]

How to Win Colleagues Over When You Get Promoted Above Them

  This article is Part of Business 101: The Career Crucials series. Growing up, my sister was the children’s actress in town.  By far the most talented, she spent her summers doing community theatre.  Undoubtedly trying to minimize her chauffeuring duties, my mother insisted I sign up for … [Read More...]

One Shirt, Endless Possibilities

We’ve all pretty much stopped using the expressions white-collar and blue-collar to indicate a person’s working class. So when I saw the website, I was intrigued. Marieclaire St. John has come up with a new shirt-collar concept that is nothing short of genius. In a nutshell, she takes … [Read More...]

The Black Stiletto

Like an LBD for your feet, the black stiletto should be found in every woman’s closet.  Black is the ultimate neutral that can go with almost any type of outfit.  The assortment varies such that any woman can find one that matches her personal style and taste and budget. The heel itself is … [Read More...]

The Closet Commandments – How To Streamline Your Closet

Thou shalt organize your closet.  OK, it’s not really a written-in-stone commandment, but it remains a fundamental principle.  I can’t pretend to be Moses (or even Charlton Heston) on the mountaintop, but I offer the following suggestions: Where to Start If you haven’t worn it in a year, give … [Read More...]

How to Buy and Collect Costume Jewelry

Where I come from, jewelry is not just a luxury, it's a right. My grandma was proud of her massive collection of gleaming baubles amassed over a lifetime, while my mother knew that 1-2 times a year it was time to visit her trusted jeweler to have some custom pieces made. I on the other hand, do not … [Read More...]

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