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Casual Cut-Outs

A few weeks ago, I was invited to an event organized by 71 Stanton and I instantly fell in love with this young, up-and coming LA brand. The brand is all about fusing New York aesthetics with an LA sort of sensibility. So think well-designed, on-trend clothes that can look both casual or uptown … [Read More...]

By The Beach.

Living right on the beach in splendid weather all year can be a challenge in terms of looking polished albeit - in a casual sort of way. You can't rely much on heels, sharp tailoring and wearing blacks and neutrals can be a bit boring. So how do you keep it beach appropriate yet completely … [Read More...]

Guest Post: Style in the Office and Elsewhere

I work as a freelance writer and content strategist. Most know me as the blogger behind the personal finance blog, L Bee and the Money Tree. Primarily working from home allows me a lot of freedom with my wardrobe, but I also run an company for my writing/strategy gigs. So I do dress professionally … [Read More...]


I live by the beach in Santa Monica so flat sandals are de rigeur. In fact, there were a lot of times I've been invited to events at the beach that required me to look a certain way ( read: poised and polished) and so I always need great-looking beach-proof shoes . Which brings us to the question - … [Read More...]

Be A #GirlBoss

“A #GIRLBOSS is in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it.”  Sophia Amoruso I knew that #girlboss was going to be a good book as soon as I read this a few pages into the book. Sophia got a book checking ID at a university in San Francisco purely motivated by the … [Read More...]

Go For Gold.

A couple of years ago, I wore nothing but black and white and all shades of grey. But moving to such a beach-centric area of LA has allowed (forced?) me to explore other colors. Like gold. And because of the recent World Cup fever all across the planet, there are people who get really excited … [Read More...]

Guest Post : Trends That Should Never See the Inside of an Office

Summer  for me is all about color, shedding layers, basking in the sun and staying cool.  And for us working women, this means choosing  lighter fabrics in bright hues and yes, lots of heat-reflecting white. And although fashion typically has no rules as far as I am concerned – it's wise to … [Read More...]

Conservative Chic

I truly believe in life a lot of times a thing is neither really positive or negative per se. It's usually what you make of it.  A lot of us work in a conservative environment , or often times, deal with conservative clients. We're talking tailored clothing, lots of black. white and neutrals, and … [Read More...]

How This Celeb Chef Got An Intervention

  This Blog Post Is Part of The Inspiring Interview Series on TSS. This Sunday July 20th is National Ice Cream day (as if we need an excuse to eat ice cream) and to celebrate it, I wanted to find out how to eat is as much as I can without gaining weight. So I sought out an expert and who … [Read More...]

How To Do The Polka (Dots).

Polka dots used to make me break out into a rash (figuratively of course.  If I meant literally then that would be a whole new level of irony wouldn’t it?)  But then I was sitting in a movie theatre years ago and saw Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” wearing a brown polka dot dress to watch … [Read More...]

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

  My SEO guru Neil Patel would balk at my non-SEO optimized blog post titles. They're mostly random or in this case, a phrase that got stuck in my head after listening to Janet Jackson while working out on the treadmill. And by working out I mean sort of shuffling really slowly while … [Read More...]

(Biz) Carded.

  If there’s no second chance to make a first impression, there is a chance to make a lasting impression by having an excellent business card.  According to a survey, 87% of Americans still exchange business cards when networking.  That means it’s essential to put your best foot (hand?) … [Read More...]

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What Have You Done For Me Lately?

  My SEO guru Neil Patel would balk at my non-SEO optimized blog post titles. They're mostly … [Read More...]

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