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(Biz) Carded.


If there’s no second chance to make a first impression, there is a chance to make a lasting impression by having an excellent business card.  According to a survey, 87% of Americans still exchange business cards when networking.  That means it’s essential to put your best foot (hand?) forward.


                              Do you know whose card this is?

It’s so wonderful to be eye-catching such as this fitness-trainer’s card:




It’s inspired to be helpful.  This card turns into a bike tire patch (guess where they’ll go to buy their new tire?)





And great to be whimsical (when appropriate) such as this:

Above all, follow these tips:


  • Make sure your tone is consistent with your business.  An investment banker should probably hold-back on the whimsy, the Comic Sans and the hot pink.

  • You’ll want to keep your cards in line with any/all other forms of communication and branding you’ve done (such as your website, your stationery, etc.  Use the same logos, fonts and colors everywhere you’re branding your company.) It’s always a good idea to have a design guide created from the start to make sure your branding is always on point.

  • First impression counts. Do not skimp on cards. A cheap,  poorly-made card would look  horrible 2 minutes after your client received it. You’re a wealth consultant, you say? With a wrinkly card, what does that say about you?

  • Curate the info needed. with so much information needed on a card (remember when it was basically just a name, telephone and fax number?) a card can get crowded and busy looking.  In order to keep your font large enough to still read, use the front and back of your card.

  • Cut out the clutter. Consider having only your logo, name, title, company name on one side and your detailed info (phone, email, website, best 1-2 social media account ) on the other.
  • Is everything cohesive? Yes you’re a multi-faceted person living a multi-channelled life.But one of the things that takes away from your professionalism is having a title that gives mixed signals. Let’s say you are a dog walker, yoga trainer and vegan cook , do you really want all 3 titles on your card? Consider “Nutrition and Physical Wellness Expert” and omit the dog-walking. Likewise, do you really need to list both your personal Facebook page , your Facebook fan page and your friend’s nutritional supplement website, because you moonlight as a salesperson there? I’d stick with your professional Facebook page and a Twitter/Instagram account. It’s really about having a focused, uniform message from the get-go.

At the end of the day, as much as we’re virtually connected, the business card often serves as the one physical connection we have to another human being and that has inherent value.  With so many of us having hundreds, if not thousands of virtual followers, friends, and peers, it’s a welcome reminder to look at the business card of someone we met in person, even if it was just in passing.

 This is one of my all time favorite business cards.

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23 Responses

  1. Ramona

    Oh all these cards are quite unique and adventurous. Genius! I wish I were as creative as those who thought of these wonderful business card ideas God knows I need to make changes on my own business cards!

  2. Taylor

    I went to the buzzfeed link you included above and I’m astounded by the various business card ideas that I saw. Really creative and unique. I love all of ’em!

  3. Sofia

    I clicked on the link above and it took me to a wide variety of unique and out-of-the box business cards. I think everything listed in there was my favorite! I couldn’t wait to think of gimmicks I could pull off to my own business cards, I am overwhelmed!

  4. Faye

    Just the thing that I need! I just got a new job and I’m in the process of creating my own business card.. so thanks for this wonderful tips and ideas!

  5. Susan Armstrong

    That fitness trainer card is cool! I’d love to have those kinds of business cards, unique, creative, stylish and really genius!

  6. I love all the business cards posted here, they are all so imaginative, creative, unique, spectacular! I won’t run out of words to say, but if I’d be the one to think of my business card design, I’m sure I might come up with nothing as unique as these. Thanks for sharing this Heidi

  7. For my own upcoming business card, I like mine to have valuable and easy-to-remember info, and must be useful as well.. it’s like hitting two birds with one stone, much like the ones presented above. All I need to do now is to think creatively.. hmmm…

  8. Heather

    I love the idea of the tire patch card! That’s a way to guarantee that people keep their card on hand. Otherwise, it will either get thrown out or tossed in a box with 100 other cards to be forgotten.

  9. These are interesting cards. Personally, the most unique business card that I have seen is a transparent orange card. I think most people need to stick the basics, however, before advancing to transformer business cards. I have been handed so many awful business cards, namely because A) the font is illegible (too small, cursive) B) too much information.

  10. Clariz Soliel

    What an awesome business card idea! I don’t have a business card yet, but I’ve received several from establishments and small businesses and truthfully, none of those business cards look like the ones you posted. My gosh, all those whimsical cards and creative ones look really enticing. I’d do my own business card soon and I will make it as creative and classic as the ones I see above. Of course, I’ll bookmark this page so I can take note of your ideas and tips. Much thanks!

  11. Desiree Lynch

    I am very particular with the fonts I use in my website, so when I finally decide to design my own business card, I’ll take note of your ideas, Heidi. :)

  12. Margaret

    Patrick Bateman? Isn’t that the American Psycho? oH my, he’s quite a character!

    But seriously speaking, I love the ideas of those who make or create those swanky and imaginative business cards. Of course, it also goes to the name of the brand, right? I mean, Broke Bike Alley, really is a cool name, it reminds me of the movie title Brokeback Mountain, but instead it becomes Broke Bike, that caters to, you know, broken bicycles. Really cool, eh!

  13. Ashley

    I can’t help smiling after I went to that link you sent, the cards were really creative and well-thought of. I’m on the verge of creating my own, although I lack the ideas right now. Your tips are helpful, by the way. First impression really counts, so I best make sure that my clients would be impressed when they receive a business card from me.

  14. I love this article and your great tips, Heidi. It’s true, amid the widespread influence of technology, business cards are still at it. There’s that something that you feel when you hand over your card to somebody else, and see their smile extend to their ears especially when they see a very creative card, like those above. I personally like the Lego ones, so cute!

  15. All those business card ideas are pure genius! The creativity of the card makers are endless. They’ve done a really great job not just in advertising but also in inspiring others to do the same. Love the tips you’ve shared, too, Heidi. Thanks much :)

    Now I’m off to think of a bookmark inspired business card for my own….

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