How This Celeb Chef Got An Intervention


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This Sunday July 20th is National Ice Cream day (as if we need an excuse to eat ice cream) and to celebrate it, I wanted to find out how to eat is as much as I can without gaining weight. So I sought out an expert and who else would be more appropriate than Celebrity Chef Devin Alexander, best known as the chef on that hit tv show The Biggest Loser who lost 70 pounds while still eating ice cream!

Not only is she a celebrity chef and a New York Times bestselling author, what I like about Devin is that she has a simple yet wonderful sense of style. On TV and on the red carpet, she’s always wearing figure-flattering dresses in solid yet bright colors. The thing was, she apparently wasn’t so sure-footed about style years ago and her friends had to step in to give her a style intervention. She also told me not to google photos of her

I had to smile when she told me this because not many people are aware that having great style is actually a skill, and it’s developed over time. I mean, I wouldn’t want anyone to look at photos of me in my teens and early 20s either.


Sexiest in Red I think 500x428 How This Celeb Chef Got An Intervention

The gorgeous Devin Alexander.

And what makes her really inspiring is that she has maintained her weight loss for nearly 20 years without depriving herself at all:

“The trick is to eat sweets only when you REALLY want them…and to have something reasonable on hand for when that craving hits,” says Devin. “When I go to a party or to dinner, I’ll try the chocolate cake. If it’s not amazing, I stop…I chose to save my calories for sweets I really enjoy! That way, I rule the food…it doesn’t rule me…and I NEVER feel deprived!”

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Photo of Devin offering up one her delicious creations.

PS: I considered being a chef once but decided against it because I knew I’d only cook what I wanted to eat and what I want to eat is usually dessert.

So back to National Ice Cream Day , this is what Devin said would help with my sweet tooth :

  • Lighter ice creams –  ice cream bars, sorbets, frozen yoghurts, ices and other products. It’s all about finding one that you like.
  • “True Love in a Bowl” -Devin came up with the recipe for this treat for a former boyfriend and apparently it  will satisfy any craving for ice cream.
  • Halo Top ice cream – this is a delicious ice cream that is very light as well. Bonus: all natural! Find it at your grocery store.


Sitting on the counter 500x286 How This Celeb Chef Got An Intervention

By the way, she also told me she doesn’t brush her hair ever. (Which is not fair, Devin. Because you have gorgeous hair.)


And with that , enjoy National Ice Cream Day this weekend. Because I will ; )


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  1. For a chef and dessert/food lover, she sure does have a great physique! How I wish I could have her determination and control over food :)

  2. I’d like to be the next Celeb Chef Devin Alexander one day! It’s so nice to see her still looking great even-though she cooks and eats a lot!

  3. How come I didn’t know about National Ice Cream Day?! I should’ve splurged and indulged myself with all the delectable ice cream / gelattos on that day..

  4. Marie Clare says:

    she definitely looks divine and I can see not an ounce of unwanted fat! She’s so lucky!

  5. I agree with you, Heidi, Devin does have gorgeous hair! And even a bubbly personality, to boot! I’m so jealous because she still gets to maintain her weight despite all the ice creams and foods that she’s able to cook. WOW!

  6. Isabelle C. says:

    i can’t believe I missed the National Day for Ice Cream! Chef Devin surely looks great, I’ve read one of her The Biggest Loser cookbooks and her story is inspiring indeed.

  7. I went to Devin’s website and I’m havin’ a great time with all the sweets and foods that ain’t fattening at all! Whoa, I’m really going to take a look at her books and tips! Thanks for sharing this inspiring interview/article, Heidi :)

  8. That True Love in a Bowl looks delicious! I have some bananas; I might just have to try it to satisfy this craving for ice cream after reading this post…

  9. Wow, she looks great! Very inspiring (and funny).

  10. I gotta hand it to her for her metabolism, because she’s able to maintain her weight despite the temptation of the ice cream she eats. By the way, I checked her True Love in a Bowl banana-cocoa ice cream and I think my hubby is in for a treat!

  11. Wow, she’s incredible! I wish I could be like her, I mean, I wish I could eat all the ice cream and sweets that I want for the rest of my life and still stay slim… But, just like she said, it’s better to eat sweets when I really need to. And that would be, ah, twice a day?! yes, I think that’s reasonable enough.. :D

  12. This post just made me smile.. Because, I’m so psyched for having an ice cream, right now! Yup, as in right now.. I’m so glad I get to spend this special day once a year, without worrying about my fats… LOL!

  13. Ice Cream!!! I love ice cream and would trade whatever I have right now to splurge in ice cream…