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That Extra Baggage.

My weight has yo-yo’ed quite significantly throughout the years. My work which for the most part consists of my sitting in front of the computer hashing out blog posts and social media updates or, going to events usually stocked with champagne, sugar-laden drinks and pastries have made weight gain a very real problem for me. And it hits its zenith a few months ago here:

Heidi_Feb.2.14_High_Res-33 - edited

I’m about 20 lbs heavier here.

 youthH2o review

Before/After withing a span of 3 months.

When my holiday to St.Barths, was confirmed (and so there needs to be photos of me in relatively revealing clothes soon) I decided to take some serious action. I knew my usual ‘starve till you reach your goal weight’ and then pig-out routine is not going to cut it anymore. I needed a new game plan. I had worked with nutritionists, spent a small fortune on pressed juices but I needed to take it up a notch.

This is what I did differently this time round:

1. I assessed my eating habits brutally.

I know I have no self-control whatsoever when it comes to dessert, ice-cream and cookies. Freeze those cupcakes for a later day you say? I’ve eaten them frozen.

So I’ve banned these trigger items from my house completely. We have a jar of Nutella that my boyfriend actually hides from me. If I want it, I’ll have to ask him for it.   Which brings me to the next action plan.

2. Don’t shop when hungry, in fact shop when you’re full.

This really is one of the best advice I’ve gotten when it comes to shopping. Grocery shopping while i’m fully satiated it really curbs down impulse purchases. It even works while shopping for clothes. ( No impulse purchases for sugar-floss pink skirts and mint-green sweaters.)

3. Get your exercise when you can.

I have a pair of hand weights in my office and I’ll do reps when I’m watching some youtube video or when I’m in a conference call. Likewise, I go out and incorporate some walks whenever I need to run errands.

4. For those who are productivity-driven , you can  use the treadmill while listening to webinars and audio books. Kill 2 birds with one stone or so they say.

5. And finally, I was introduced to YouthH2o which is now my ‘secret weight management weapon’.  One of the reasons I over-ate was because when I was tired in the afternoons. I’d reach out to a candy bar or a sandwich. Now I just grab a bottle of youthH2O.  I also drink some pre-workout when I really want to boost the intensity level of my workouts. ( Walking on a treadmill for 60 minutes with ankle weights and a 30% incline?) No problem.


how to lose weight and not gain it back

(And if you’re wondering, i was not paid nor sponsored to write this post.It really works for me and now I’m a loyal fan.)

You can try out YouthH2O by ordering on Amazon, The Vitamin Shoppe or GMC.


Like my swimsuit? Style post coming up soon.

Tadaaa! Like my swimsuit? The style post is coming up soon.

And if you want to know more about youthH2O and their many other benefits , check out their info page here.

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22 Responses

  1. Taylor

    Oh! You look stunning now with your recent weight loss. I guess it really is effective, the youthH2O I mean. I think I now have a solution for my holiday fats problem 😀

  2. Blue

    I can feel you here, girl. I’ve been to the moon and back, trying out all the available slimming products I could use in to order to trim my extra baggages.. :(

  3. It works for me, realy! But I just want to comment on the taste. It really doesn’t taste well, of course, it’s a dietary supplement… But then again, you know what they say about things that taste great, they don’t work very well, but things that don’t taste great, work really well 😮

  4. Patrice Emily

    those are really reliable and easy to follow steps. I hope to fulfill these when I finally decide to come up and face the music after 3 weeks of dieting.

  5. Carmina

    I easily gain weight too, and I have tried a lot of pills and treatments and products just to get the weight I want. I’m willing to try YouthH2O and let’s wait for the final results soon!

  6. I’ve grown much heavier in a span of 2 months, due to consecutive birthday celebrations and thanksgiving parties that I’ve thrown for my friends. Now I’m worried I might not go back to my slimmer self. I hope this youthH2O could help trim down. Thanks for sharing the link.

  7. Rebecca Blooms

    Ohhh… I like your swimsuit very much, it really looks great on you. I tried this YouthH2O product too and so far, the results are good :)

  8. Brenda

    I love what you did this time around, especially tip # 2 – Don’t shop when hungry, in fact shop when you’re full. – I like that, once I’m full, I didn’t want to shop for anything else to eat at all, not in the next few hours..

  9. Robin

    Hm, I’ve always been somewhat opposed to weight loss products but if YouthH20 has worked for you, maybe I’ll give it a try. My weight has been creeping up on me lately and it won’t seem to go back down.

  10. Hannah

    Ugh, I was on the ‘starve till you reach your goal weight’ then pig out plan for years. It really does come down to a lifestyle change. When you eat in a healthy way and get some exercise regularly your weight will balance out naturally.

  11. Working from home can have an awful effect on your weight! When I used to work in an office I was in a bit better shape and since then figure has suffered. These tips are great, especially the exercise ones. I actually have some hand weights right here in the room, if only I used them

  12. I’m taking note of the steps/tips that you have done to help me with my weight struggle, too. I’ve been exercising a lot lately and staying away from carbs as much as possible. I wish I could do these until the end of the month. I’ve got lots of plans of going out this summer, so it’s best to take action, now! Thanks, Heidi :)

    You’re looking great already, I so envy you :)

  13. Anira Dei

    I like your tip # 2: Don’t shop when hungry, in fact shop when you’re full….

    I’m gonna do this. I realize, too, that when I’m hungry and then I shop for groceries, I tend to buy those that I don’t really need to eat, I just liked the idea of seeing it on my table, I guess. So yes, it’s best to shop when one’s tummy is full, so you’ll never have to buy you don’t need or want.

  14. you’ve definitely come a long way to gaining that new slimmer body, Heidi and I applaud you for that. Yes, we all love your new white sexy swimsuit, it fits you perfectly and your tan also looks great! Keep it up, Heidi. you’re an inspiration to many, me included!

  15. Macy G.

    I definitely like your swimsuit, you look so lean and tan and gorgeous, Heidi, I couldn’t believe you actually gained weight before. youthH2O definitely worked out great for you! I so wanted to have a body like yours….

  16. OKay, so now I’m checking out youthH20’s site, and I must say, it indeed looks promising.. I’ve been battling with my expanding waistline for years and like others, I’ve tried numerous rigorous exercises and dances and pressed juices. It won’t hurt to try a new age-defying, body slimming technique. thanks for sharing this info, Heidi!

    by the way, you look great with your sexy swimsuit!

  17. I can see the big difference on your Before and After pic, you sure did gain a little weight, but viola! your last picture was awesome! you look more glowing and definitely slimmer. I love your new look! :)

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