Go For Gold.

A couple of years ago, I wore nothing but black and white and all shades of grey. But moving to such a beach-centric area of LA has allowed (forced?) me to explore other colors. Like gold.

And because of the recent World Cup fever all across the planet, there are people who get really excited about gold right now. Of course, they’re obsessing about the World Cup golden boot trophy, but that only happens once every four years. As far as I’m concerned, style-wise it’s time to go for the gold every summer. (Note: I know absolutely nothing about soccer, and so this shall remain the only reference to it from this point onward.)

So anyway, my point is nothing looks better against a tan than gold. If you have olive skin, tan or if have a darker skin tone, you’d want to stick to gold tones. And gold looks especially great in summer or any time you’re in hot weather. I think it’s because it  mimics that cast of the sun in warm weather.

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If being draped head to toe in gold is too much (and usually it is) the next best thing is to wear a rich shade of yellow. Certain colors are just made for summer and a rich shade of yellow is one of them.

For today’s outfit (which is perfect for a more upscale beach or island wedding, cocktails in hot balmy weather etc.) I pulled out a few of my favorite summery gold-accessories and paired them with a sunflower-yellow one shouldered maxi dress. All of this makes me feel like a Grecian goddess.

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This gold cuff makes me feel elegant and dynamic.  (Perhaps there’s a subconscious nod to Wonder Woman’s bulletproof bracelets, which is why I feel so powerful wearing it).

cbd6065 edited gvc5t 333x500 Go For Gold.

My metallic, platform sandals are both appropriate for summer (they can go from the beach to ballroom) and is actually a  terrific neutral option. They are also a subtle nod to Hermes, the Greek god who wore gold sandals that enabled him to fly.  (OK, maybe I didn’t really think about that when I chose them, but now that I think about it, it really pulls the outfit together doesn’t it?) Also, platforms are always a great option when you a) need to walk a lot b) are going to be in an area that is not high-heel friendly . Think cobblestoned streets, soft grass or sandy beaches.

Even if you’re not a Greek goddess, you’ll find that adding metals like gold ( and silver if you have very pale or fair skin)  will make you look amazing- and that is not a myth.


Style Note:

I’m wearing a sunflower yellow one-shouldered maxi dress. Here by BCBG.

Dior black polarized sunglasses.

Helen Kaminski woven rafia clutch.

Prada Sport Gold Platform Sandals.

Gold Cuff bought at a local market in St.Barth’s island.

Photos by Bruno Debreuil, St.Barth’s.

What color makes you feel as though summer has arrived?

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  1. It’s almost autumn, I hope it’s still not too late to wear gold, I’d really like that!

  2. My, my, my… aren’t you the goddess? You look really like Athena with that golden ensembles…

  3. Keanna Michaels says:

    I am all for gold this summer – as bright as the sun!

  4. I love your yellow/gold sundress.. it flows perfectly! Stunning!

  5. your cuffs remind of Wonderwoman’s! it sure looks divine. I love the outfit, really!

  6. you look really gorgeous in gold.. like a goddess, yes, i agree!

  7. What a sight in all gold!

  8. Thank you ladies! I’m only starting to experiment with bright colors. Happy it doesn’t look ‘too bad’ ; )

  9. I love, love, love your outfit! Gold this summer? Hmm, sure why not.. for a change, I think it’d look cool :) I’ve got a bright yellow sundress that I can use when I go out with friends, I think that would pass for gold, don’t you think?

  10. Oh, you look like a Greek Goddess on these photos actually.. and I love your gold cuff, too! it’s like those worn by models I see on the runway.. and yes, I would have to agree, because of World Cup, looks like everyone wants their own piece of gold, too!

  11. Wow, just wow! you look amazing in gold, Heidi, you actually seem like glowing!