By The Beach.

Living right on the beach in splendid weather all year can be a challenge in terms of looking polished albeit – in a casual sort of way.

You can’t rely much on heels, sharp tailoring and wearing blacks and neutrals can be a bit boring. So how do you keep it beach appropriate yet completely chic? I say go with printed florals or geometrics and keep the rest of the details simple.  Here I wore pants with a printed floral/island motif, polarized black sunglasses, and an understated white  leather bag which is perfect and low-key enough for a stroll by the water’s edge ; a simple cardigan that echoes the color of the sand and simple white tank top. This works because the cardigan also picks up the taupe details in the  sandals.

When wearing something floral with lots of bright colors, it always helps to keep everything else neutral or use solid colors that compliment the print.

Sarah_Hadley-1265 - edited

These neutral minimalist sandals are made from a synthetic fabric that are salt-water proof.

Style Note:

Lizard-skin sandals, C/O Corrina Saias

Zara printed floral pants

Ralph Lauren champagne button-up cardigan

Max&Co. white tank top 

Dior polarized black sunglasses. Perfect for super sunny days.

What memories bring you back to days on the beach?


Photos by the lovely Sarah Hadley.

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  1. Francesca says

    I dont’ have to wait for summer to hit the beach! I’m glad I live just a couple of miles away from the beach, it’s springbreak and that’s where me and my friends would be going! Yay!

  2. Carmina says

    Oh I missed the beach this summer! I had to go to the other half of the world for a mission and now that I’m back, I so dearly want to get to the nearest island to soak up the sun!

  3. Rebecca Bloomwood says

    I just spent the last 4 weeks in various beach, and now I’m missing the waves.. It’s just a matter of time before winter comes up!

  4. MJ says

    It must be nice to live by the beach, not necessarily live there forever, but stay on a resthouse, maybe for the duration of summer!

  5. Rowena says

    Ahhh… St. Barth.. I’d love to trade places with you one day, if it means it’d get me to St. Barth’s…

  6. Marie Clare says

    you know what, I always have a hard time choosing the right footwear for my clothes. good thing summer’s here, it’s always a good time to wear sandals and flip-flops, don’t you think?

  7. says

    St. Barth, for me, is a marvelous haven for beach lovers and sun worshippers… I’m so jealous of you for spending your summer vacation there… By the way, you look great!

  8. Bridgette says

    Oh wow, I knew I’d be able to wear my cardigan this summer! Thanks for sharing your photo Heidi, I got inspired with your look, and now I finally have a reason to wear my cardigan on top f my tank top when I go to Bora Bora, Tahiti!

  9. Angelique says

    You look stunning with your summer outfit. The plain white tank top and floral pants simply scream Hot! Hot! Hot!

  10. says

    Your floral pants look great, I’d love to wear a pair of floral pants too when I go to the beach this end of the month. Too bad, it’s not gonna be on St. Barth, I would be totally over the moon if I get to spend my summer there! :)

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