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The Pencil Skirt

You know that the tide has shifted when Kim K has started wearing the pencil skirt – which by the way,  was originally brought to the fashion forefront by Dior to counteract the full-skirted ‘New Look . And now any woman can add this to her closet.

As with many fashion rules (as well as magic tricks), the key is to incorporate the piece using slight-of-hand.  If you want to distract from your bottom half, opt for a solid, dark-colored pencil skirt that you pair with a bright or patterned top.  Let’s face it – no one was looking at Christina Hendricks’ backside on this night:

Pencil skirt for your body type

Conversely, if your boyish hips trouble you, choose a patterned skirt (perhaps one with a bold pattern even) and a solid piece on top. And so This palm-print skirt from Nordstrom would add the illusion of beautiful curves even to Renee Zellweger.  (No offense Renee – I adore you but you could stand to eat a sandwich don’t you think?)

Remember, fit is important.  This is a slim-cut skirt, but if it’s too tight, you risk being unable to move or sit down and may look like a sausage stuffed too tightly. You should never have creases or bulges when wearing a pencil skirt (fit, a quality fabric and most importantly, a no VPL underwear or smoothing shaper like Spanx will help). If you go too big, the added fabric will do you no favors.  Ideally the waist sits at your waist, and the skirt fabric drops down from the part where your hips are the widest.  See your tailor if you’re unsure.

I’ve picked out a few of my favorite pencil skirts across various price points – but they have all one thing in common – they’re all staple pieces that will ensure a stylish ensemble for polished perfection.

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20 Responses

  1. Charlotte Summers

    Actually, I think, this style is trending again, it’s the latest fad. I see a lot of my co-workers wearing pencil-cut skirts lately, even those that I meet down my street. My cousin told me this style makes a lady feel more confident and sexy. And I have to agree :)

  2. Aaliyah Jane

    Pencil -cut skirts are actually my preferred outfits in the office. I like how it looks on me especially the slim-cut skirt types, because it helps enhances my curves and even makes me look slimmer.

  3. Emma

    Thanks for sharing your choices of pencil skirt outfits and designs. I’m actually more of a fan of pencil cuts than pleated skirts.

  4. Rowena

    Pencil Cut Skirt? I’m game with it.. I mean, sure I’ve worn it, and I don’t mind having a mini-collection of this design. That’s just how I like to wear my skirts at work!

  5. Oh, I used to much of pencil cuts when I was in the corporate world. It came with the job, I think. But now that I’m freelancing, I find myself still drawn to pencil cut skirts whenever I feel like joining my friends over a cup of coffee.

  6. I wear pencil cut skirts a lot… I feel more comfortable wearing it, smart casual. Usually in the office, we ladies wear pencil cuts, and you’d be amaze at how many variations we can make of it. I pair mine with a cropped top under a jacket.

  7. Marielle

    Long before, I thought, pencil skirts were primarily used in the office, like uniform outfits; while the pleated skirts resemble school uniforms. But now, things had changed and fashion has evolved. I like how pencil skirts are designed and comes out in various forms. Really fashionable!

  8. I saw Renee Zelwegger’s photo looking so thin, she wasn’t able to do justice to her nice pencil-cut dress. I don’t get why most celebrities want to have stick-like figures! Having curves is better, I believe, and a pencil skirt will definitely enhance a girl’s features.

  9. Isabelle

    For some reason, I’ve always associated pencil skirts with Kim Kardashian. Gosh, that girl can really work out a mere pencil skirt!

  10. Cassiopeia

    Not really a big fan of pencil skirt. I’m more of a classic pleated flowy skirt, because I can move freely with it. But there’s no harm in trying pencil cuts, right?

  11. Steffanie

    Gee, I didn’t know about picking the right pencil-cut skirt. Usually, I just get those that are “in” or trending in the market. Silly me!

  12. Lyca Santos

    I kinda like wearing pencil skirt, it easily but slightly brings out the curves on my hips. I like the above-the-knee ones particularly.

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