Stay Cool and Look Good at Work

It might be tempting to reach for your go-to, black-wool suit every morning, but trust me – show up dressed like that during the summer months and you’ll look like you haven’t checked a calendar in eons.

So, may I suggest this fabulous white, sleeveless Gerard Darel suit I recently happened upon?

how to wear a sleeveless suit

Notice that because you’re showing more skin (your arms), you’ll want to keep the rest of the suit loose. This balances the bare-arm to maintain a sense of professional decorum. Leave the fitted, nipped/tucked, sleeveless outfits for the Miami Beach clubs.

Pops of color (blue blouse and saffron purse) keep the suit from looking too plain or stodgy:

wear a sleeveless suit

Tip: I wore the same color shoes as the pants to elongate my legs:

sleeveless suit for summer

This suit is a wonderful alternative to traditional office garb and its airy design keeps you cool in hot weather. I like to think that its free-flowing lines emanate a billowing Gehry, but that just may be wishful thinking.

Photography credit: Erica Hampton


  1. Victoria says

    Thanks for the tips about elongating your legs by using same colored pants and shoes. Never thought of that before. :)

  2. Arianne says

    Oh, I actually love wearing casually styled coats, too. By the way, you’re rocking those white strappy shoes, I love it!

  3. Yasmine says

    Last summer, I stayed cool by going over to my cousins in Alaska, where it’s always cold. Yes, I literally stayed cool because I didn’t like getting torched up by the heat.

  4. Gigi Benson says

    Those summer months, I had to endure heat and sweat, so in order to stay cool, I made sure I was always hydrated (I brought cold bottled water everyday on my way to work) and wear comfy clothes.

  5. says

    I’ve been wearing sleeveless and short-sleeved blouses lately at work. The scorching heat of the sun might as well put a tan on my shoulders, but I welcome it, because before long, it’s gonna be winter again and I won’t be able to wear this comfy sleeveless once again..

  6. Aaliyah Jane says

    I love the shoes you’re wearing, it looks perfect with your sleeveless suit. And your workbag/bag – it’s to die for! I love it!

  7. marjorie says

    I think wearing sleeveless tops is not so bad, I mean, you can always pair it with a full skirt, or wear a vest on top of it, so it would still look cool and not street-trashy.. Just sayin’..

  8. Carrie Ann says

    You’re right. Wearing shoes that’s same color with your pants helps make you look long legged. And wearing sleeveless to the office isn’t really a bad thing, it’s actually appropriate, given the state of the season…

  9. Helga says

    I stay cool this summer with sleeveless / tank tops too. and cropped denim shorts. Yeep, I know, not very appropriate, but it’s street wise.

  10. says

    I agree with you, Heidi, wearing white really looks fabulous on you. I love your white stilettos too! And the blue blouse underneath all that whites is perfect.

  11. says

    there’s nothing like beating the summer sun than wearing sleeveless! I go sleeveless lately at work, too, in pale yellow colors. Feels perfectly comfortable, I must say :)

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