5 Things You Must Do To Succeed

I’ve heard and read plenty about this concept of a key to success.  And yet I dare say, a lot of people haven’t even located the lock to begin with. To me, the following five concepts are the doors that you need to locate before you can unlock success.

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I use this anagram to remind myself of these ideas and to keep me focused when I want to succeed: WIN AT

In other words:

Want:  Not what you want – focus on what others want. Only when you have something to offer that others want, will you be able to succeed/sell/be heard. Find a fool-proof way to keep dirt under your fingernails, but since no one wants that, you won’t be selling any of your formula.

Identity:  Find, and be clear, of your own identity. How are you perceived by others?  And is this the identity you want to project into the world? Hire a branding coach if necessary.

Not-known: Embrace the unknown. Be willing to face rejection and failure as you discover new paths. If one path doesn’t lead to success, you can walk down another. Let’s face it – if you haven’t reached your pinnacle of achievement, you haven’t discovered the right road which means it is still unknown to you. Look for it – it’s not where you’ve already been.

Above:  Go above and beyond. Whatever your boss (or client or buyer) asks for – do more. Under-promise and over-deliver. You’ll look like a rockstar if you surpass expectations.

True:  Always be true to yourself. Being liked is nice, but changing your personal truth for someone else will not serve you in the end.  Stand up for what’s best for you even if it’s unpopular.  This doesn’t mean you can/should be hostile or abrasive, it simply means steadfastly remaining true and honest about where you stand.  Ultimately, you will be respected for your unflinching authenticity.

23 5 Things You Must Do To Succeed

No matter what your success goal is – whether it’s CEO of your company, owner of your own business, or enjoying a fulfilling relationship – you have the power within you to WIN AT this game of life.

How have you achieved success in your life?


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  1. anna elizabeth says:

    that’s indeed a great anagram – WIN AT.. I love it especially the last one – be True to yourself.

  2. I love the anagram you used, very positive and realistic. Thank you!

  3. This is an inspirational post. I hope you don’t mind if I share this with my friends at work.

  4. I haven’t achieved that success in life, so every piece of advice there is to help, I would surely take them to heart and instill it on my mind.

  5. Go above and beyond & Embrace the unknown – these are my favorites. I believe once I go the extra mile with my work, the proverbial gold at the end of the rainbow is at hand. But I am not looking for gold, per se. I just want to succeed.

  6. Kitty Gurl says:

    I love your tips, a sure way to win in the future! It’s not easy to find the key to success, really especially if you are not looking for the right key, but with proper guidance, I know I can make it.

  7. Thanks for sharing your concept keys for success, Heidi. For someone successful as you, I know I can count on your ideas. :)

  8. Fely Adamson says:

    In terms of family, I think I have succeeded, because I now have a small one ready to pop out in the next coming month, the husband is a caring and loving one, we’re ready to move to our new home and I’m gonna be going back to work after my maternity leave, so yes, I think I have succeeded fair enough in life!

  9. WIN AT… hmmm.. that’s a a nice anagram, definitely easy to remember when you think about the success that you’d be culminating in the end.

  10. I think I can safely say I have succeeded with my goals in life, in terms of having a happy family and a business to deal with.

  11. this is a very inspiring article, Heidi.. I haven’t yet achieved success in life, but I know I am getting there.. Thanks!