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Guest Post : Trends That Should Never See the Inside of an Office

Summer  for me is all about color, shedding layers, basking in the sun and staying cool.  And for us working women, this means choosing  lighter fabrics in bright hues and yes, lots of heat-reflecting white. And although fashion typically has no rules as far as I am concerned – it’s wise to remember a lot of offices do. Even entrepreneurs, who are allergic to corporate dress codes need to remember that what you wear does reflects on you and your brand.

Granted, some workplaces are different than others – you may be allowed to wear anything if you work in tech or at a startup, or even in a creative field where you can really take liberties, but not so much for a banking role. So my number one rule of thumb for summer work attire is to always dress for the job you want!

1. Flip Flops: These should be reserved for the beach. Period. There are so many cute sandals especially flats that could be your go to option instead.

 Summer flip flopsSummer flip flops
2. Cut-Offs: I am big fan of wearing cutoffs all summer long. But, they are just not appropriate for work. There are so many other shorts alternatives and you can choose longer Culotte or Bermuda style shorts for more conservative workplaces.

3.  Sheer Clothing: Sheer styles are uber-stylish and can be sophisticated if done the right way, but save showing your undergarments for going out. You can play with sheer by adding an opaque layer in a similar or contrasting color.

4. Crop Tops: This is an interesting one with crop tops being huge right now. But stay away from bralettes, tube tops and midriff-baring options for work. Choose high-waisted pants or skirts with boxy cropped shirts that hit right at the waist if you must.

5. Minis: This is probably the most obvious as hemlines rise.  However, it’s always best to keep it professional – so try a pleated skirt to keep it fun for summer.


What are you favorite summer trends to wear to the office?


Photo Credits: Pinterest, runway2street

Rathna runway

Rathna Sharad is the Co-Founder and CEO of runway2street, an online boutique featuring exclusive and emerging luxury brands. She brings a unique point of view to articles, and can easily speak to both fashion and career topics.

Rathna has combined a love for fashion with years of experience in technology, online advertising, and logistics to bring runway2street to life. Prior to launching runway2street, Rathna was the Director of Product Management at Microsoft, where she was responsible for overseeing the Advertiser Marketplace for Bing Ads Business Group. Earlier in her career she held technology leadership positions at UPS, Menlo Worldwide Logistics, and Emery Worldwide.

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14 Responses

  1. Mandy

    And here I thought I could walk through my way in the office with flip-flops on my feet. I just felt more comfortable walking on it feeling the breeze on my toes.

  2. Angelique

    It won’t be long until summer is here! I agree with all your office what’s not and what’s hot items. Minis and sheers and flip-flops are best worn on the scorching season. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Nikki

    These are great tips, however, there would be a time when you would need to use some of those outfits, like the minis and crop tops especially when working on a clothing line company.

  4. Okay, all these styles and outfits are definitely not part of an office attire. But I think I can make an exception with the flipflops, especially during the summer and if you are working outside and have to look streetwise but still fab and fashionable. Just my two cents..

  5. Aaliyah Jane

    Geez, I think I fell on more than one dress category above. Silly me! Thanks for sharing about the alternative outfits instead of the too casual/street styles I usually don. :)

  6. I don’t really have favorite summer trends… As long as I feel comfortable and my head cools off, I’m okay. Most of the time though, I just wear cropped pants in the office. Works for me and my colleagues, since we do not have any dress code.

  7. Miz Susan Armstrong

    much thanks for this tips. I’m quite a mess lately, I’ve no idea what to wear now that the temperature is getting higher everyday.

  8. There are flip-flops that are really comfortable and stylish to wear, they even look like wedges, and you can even wear it in the office, like the Havaianas.. In my office, it’s okay to wear it, so why not try once in a while? just sayin…

  9. great tips! surely most women know what to wear and what not to when they go hobnobbing with their bosses, but then again, there are still those who want to get all the attention in the world and still wear those trends you mentioned above.. :(

  10. Diane

    I’m no big fan of cut-offs, either.. it’s like I feel incomplete when I wear one, whether it’s summer or not. I’d rather wear girly cropped shorts or denim shorts (which is by the way, acceptable in my case because I work at home)..

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