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The Tile App: No More FuTile Struggles to Find Things

The last time I got this excited about a small, square invention was when I discovered Post-its and subsequently stuck them on every notebook, binder and magazine. Imagine my glee when I stumbled upon the Tile – a new, tiny gadget that adheres to any item and locates that item via your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. Forget finding that magazine page where I tagged a purse I wanted to buy, now I can find my actual purse.

Side note: A good (bad) side effect is that I have now memorized my credit card digits.

Never lose things

The Tile isn’t much bigger than a postage stamp, and you can drop it into your pocket or attach it to any elusive belongings.

Find lost things

Hopefully, this will help me avoid mishaps like the time I frantically searched for my favorite sunglasses, gradually escalating in panic as I dug through purses and my car. All while wearing the glasses on my head. Naturally, my boyfriend will never let me forget this infamous incident.

With the Tile I can calmly grab my phone and hone in on the lost object. I can even have my lost article sound off so that I can find it when it’s hidden from view.

Tile app lost things

By the way, sorry for the generic images. I wanted to post photos of my own Tile but the little things are so popular, they’re on back order. But that’s no reason you can’t order them here.


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33 Responses

  1. Deanna

    I downloaded this app and got my own tile when it was first offered about a year ago. And it had really made my life easier because since then, I’ve been finding things I need with just one access to my tablet. Really helpful tile!

  2. Jadine

    I’m known at home as the one who always misplace items like the RC and cellphones and even my hairbrush. Yep, I’m messy like that. I think tile is something I definitely should have.

  3. Wanita M.

    I have this Tile and app. Proves to be very effective, efficient and useful. Now I don’t worry about tossing the RC and never finding it again. I love this app :)

  4. Martina W.

    Does this really work? I wouldn’t mind downloading the app and getting the Tile, this is basically what I need what with all the missing items in my house!

    1. Heidi

      It works well with my iPhone. I can’t tell you how many times I misplaced my keychain and used this to find it : )

  5. Bernadette

    Why haven’t I heard about this? I would love to get this Tile for me and my kids. We always seem to lose every item in our home, like keys, remote control and yes, most of the time, my wallet. I really need to get this one. Thanks for sharing this info!

  6. Gabby

    I got mine a week ago, but I haven’t really used it to its full potential. I think the one I got was defective because it doesn’t work the way it was supposed to inside my house, with the Tile App also already downloaded on my iPhone. I live in just a small apartment but I can’t seem to make mine work even for just a few steps away. So I had changed and I’m waiting for my Tile to arrive any day and hope it’ll work this time.

  7. Francesca

    I’ve got my Tile from Apple a few weeks back. So far, it’s been a big help to me, I no longer worry about my purse and keys, I’ve even used it to track my niece’s toys. She often visit me at my place and always scatter my stuffs, so I bought her some toys that she can use while staying with me, and because she’s that hyperactive, she throws most of her toys in and out of the room. So the tile and the app is definitely a big help to me!

  8. Antoinette

    I just got mine delivered a few weeks back. So far, the Tile helps me a lot in finding the most important item in the house, the remote control. Ha! You think I might be kidding, but no. With three kids who always throw everything around the house, plus a husband who’s keen on watching NBA everyday, I’m always having a hard time looking for the RC. That’s where Tile comes to my rescue. Sweet!

  9. HI, just an update here! A few months after you shared this article about Tile app, I got myself this Tile and I’m really glad I did. It helped me a lot in finding that elusive tv remote control and that cat of mine Whiskers who always managed to go everywhere around the house and hide somewhere I can’t really find him. I got Tile on his neck and that’s it, problem solved :)

  10. you know, a month after I saw this post about the tile app on this blog, I got myself a tile too, and I’m so glad I got it. I’ve been running around the living room, even up to the kitchen looking for my things’ whereabouts (like my wallet, small purse and yes, the remote control!) and this Tile app really helped me a lot, in more ways than one!!

  11. Desiree Lynch

    I definitely need this TileApp. I am sure this will help me with my forgetfulness, as I always tend to forget where I place our TV remote control and yes, my purse, too!

  12. Tamara

    I often lose my wallet, and for me, that’s the most important tangible accessory/thing I can cling on too, (next is my cellphone) and I admit I’m a mess at my apartment, so this Tile App should definitely help me out.

  13. Actually, the one thing that I always misplace and sometimes lose is our TV’s remote control. I swear when you live with kids who always throw your things here and there, you will never be able to see the ones you really need, like finding a needle in the middle of haystack. I’m glad this app Tile has been created, it would surely help me a lot.

  14. andrew

    I slipped my tile into my sons diaper bag when his dad came to get him, he’s not suppose to leave the state with my son but sure enough about an hour after they were gone I started checking for the tiles location & they were far beyond the location they should be so at that point I knew my sons dad lied to me & was taking my son back to where he lives about 4 hours away in another state. I called him and told him he needs to meet me somewhere because I was coming to get my son or the police can meet him, his choice. He was not happy about this but I do not care. An hour later I picked up my son from a random gas station on the interstate. This technology. Can prove itself useful for many avenues & I am extremely grateful. It.

  15. Actually, I’ve been seeing this tile app feature on facebook and I got curious. When I saw this on your blog, I decided to give it a try. this would really prove useful to a forgetful me who often has to think where my cellphones, keys and wallets are!

  16. Karisha Scott

    Well, let’s see.. Aside from my keys, the other thing I often lose if my wallet. Sometimes, I’m on a gas station to pump up my car, then I realize I have nothing to pay because I left my wallet at home! It really pisses me off when that happens.

  17. I gotta have this. I always misplace my wallet, and sometimes my cellphones and yes, the TV remote control. I always wished I can place a miss-call for the remote so I know where to find it. But now, there’s that TileApp, I guess I could really use it so I won’t worry about misplacing the remote anymore!

  18. I’ve been seeing this Tile app in Facebook lately. But I never gave it moment, until now. So this Tile app is something like a GPS in cars, right? I like it, it could come in handy for sure.

  19. Marielle

    Does it tell the exact location of my purse where I last put it, say maybe, like on the top of my table in the kitchen or in the attic? Or it will just indicate the address of the place where the object is?

    1. Heidi

      It’s like a homing device Marielle. The closer you get to the object the louder your iPhone will beep. I’m waiting for mine – and I desperately need it. I already lost my keys (and the amazing keychain that goes with it) plus a wallet this month. Ugh.

      1. Marielle

        thanks for clarifying this Heidi. Have you gotten yours already? It really sucks when important things get misplaced or lost and we have no idea where we last put it. I also plan on getting this Tile App ASAP.

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