The Tile App: No More FuTile Struggles to Find Things

The last time I got this excited about a new, small, square invention was when Post-its came out.  And all they do is find my place in a magazine.  Imagine my glee to discover the Tile - a new, tiny square gadget that you can adhere to any item and then locate that item later on using your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. Forget finding that magazine page where I tagged a purse I wanted to buy, now I can find my actual purse.  When you consider that I change my purse an average of 2 or 3 times a day, this is no small task. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve grabbed the wrong bag, only to find that my wallet was in another bag.

Side note: A good (bad) side effect is that I have now memorized my credit card digits.

Tile3 cropped 1024x576 The Tile App: No More FuTile Struggles to Find Things

The Tile isn’t much bigger than a postage stamp, and you can drop it into your pocket or purse, adhere it to any surface, or tie it on somewhere. The options are endless. Think of the possibilities – no more lost luggage, no more errant boyfriends (just kidding. Sort of. But if you want to sneak a Tile into your kid’s back pocket, or onto your dog’s collar, who am I to judge?).

tile lifestyle keys 01a53963e97710d2cfd7ae144b00d583ba551544 1024x767 The Tile App: No More FuTile Struggles to Find Things

But it’s no joke that I can be scatterbrained. My boyfriend never lets me forget the time that I frantically searched for my favorite sunglasses, gradually escalating in panic as I dug through purses and my car. All while wearing the glasses on my head. With the Tile I can calmly grab my phone and hone in on the lost object. I can even set it up to have my lost article make a noise so that I can find it if it’s hidden from view.

Tile Your Very Own Lost And Found 02 500x322 The Tile App: No More FuTile Struggles to Find Things

By the way, sorry for the generic images. I wanted to post photos of my own Tile but the little things are so popular they are on back order. But that’s no reason you can’t order them  here.

What do you lose most often?


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  1. Wow, a GPS of some sort! It’s a smart idea… I like it!

    • It’s like a homing device Marielle. The closer you get to the object the louder your iPhone will beep. I’m waiting for mine – and I desperately need it. I already lost my keys (and the amazing keychain that goes with it) plus a wallet this month. Ugh.

      • thanks for clarifying this Heidi. Have you gotten yours already? It really sucks when important things get misplaced or lost and we have no idea where we last put it. I also plan on getting this Tile App ASAP.

  2. Does it tell the exact location of my purse where I last put it, say maybe, like on the top of my table in the kitchen or in the attic? Or it will just indicate the address of the place where the object is?

  3. It looks like it’s only available on iTunes/Apple.. How about us smartphone users?

  4. Jessie Wakefield says:

    This is nice. A great way to help me find stuffs I always misplaced. I’ll check this out then!

  5. My first time hearing about TileApp.. this is really great! Finally, I won’t be screaming around while looking for my phone and keys!

  6. I’ve been seeing this Tile app in Facebook lately. But I never gave it moment, until now. So this Tile app is something like a GPS in cars, right? I like it, it could come in handy for sure.

  7. I gotta have this. I always misplace my wallet, and sometimes my cellphones and yes, the TV remote control. I always wished I can place a miss-call for the remote so I know where to find it. But now, there’s that TileApp, I guess I could really use it so I won’t worry about misplacing the remote anymore!

  8. Karisha Scott says:

    Well, let’s see.. Aside from my keys, the other thing I often lose if my wallet. Sometimes, I’m on a gas station to pump up my car, then I realize I have nothing to pay because I left my wallet at home! It really pisses me off when that happens.

  9. Too bad this is only available on iTunes for iPod/iPad users… I want this one for my smartphone!

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